Property Owner FAQ

We offer the best BNB apartment management and apartments booking service in Nice, France.

​We are local and are here anytime you need us. We welcome your guests in person, face-to-face and on-site to present you and Our product (apartment, villa, house) in the best possible way to our Clients from the first to the last day of their stay.Our slogan is "Your Local Rental Partner" and we work hard to prove it every day​

We list your property on 8 of the most famous and popular platforms. You use the  platform with no monthly or annual fees.

We work mainly with self-employed persons and small businesses in the field of Professional cleaning; Taxi services; Agents for М&G, etc. This reduces costs and has proven to improve the quality of service as well as support small and medium-sized businesses. We provide training, control and certification . We assess  the performance of our business partners ,  to improve it. All this is strictly subject to all our standards and procedures, through which we ensure high quality and uniformity of the product we offer.

We give you the opportunity to choose the type of marketing you want to apply and at what budget according to the needs of your property.

Based on our experience, through objective indicators we can assure you that 15% of our Clients are regular and 9% use the same apartment more than once.

We offer equally good catches to every property owner. The conditions do not depend on its status or the price of the property. The decision to start the process of preparation for listing your Holiday property is made by adhering to our strict Criteria, which we expect you to comply with.

As owners, you will be able to:  You receive money from all bookings, directly into your account.  Track bookings and employment from,Air BNB,Easy Home Booking, Agoda etc. via phone and on your PC.  You or your friends can visit your own property of your choice after booking in our system.

• Your property is in excellent condition, has an individual style and is positioned in a convenient place for letting tourists. • Interior meeting the client's expectations. We will provide you with a list of the necessary equipment and will assist with the furnishing and preparation process based on our experience. • The number of Clients who will be accommodated in your property meets the standards. The quadrature and the possibilities for survival are set to provide maximum comfort. • The beds and sofa beds are not only high style but also high comfort. We do not allow any exceptions to this criterion. • The use of a professional cleaning company is a must. We list the company (s) you can contract with. The companies are trained and meet our needs and the quality of the product we strive for. Bed sheets and towels are of our standard and are for professional use. The use of Professional Laundry is a must. • The dining area has a table that is comfortable enough to accommodate the number of visitors to the property. • The kitchen and sanitary facilities are clean, there are no permanent sources of mold or moisture. The equipment is standard and in accordance with the expectations of our Customers. We will provide you with a list if you wish • Only medium to high grade mattresses, stains, molds or mold are allowed. Bedding is only allowed from non-allergenic materials that are mattress-sized. Waterproof protectors must always be fitted on mattresses and pillows. • The apartment should be bright and cozy. Too dark or without any sunlight is not approved. The windows should provide excellent sound insulation, preferably shutters or shutters. Good air conditioning and heating without compromise. • You agree to provide a "Welcome Package" and a :Hygiene Package" to each Client reservation.

We take care and maintain your holiday property as a good host. We have developed our own system to cover possible damage from Customers. We provide you with the opportunity to negotiate directly with any support company if necessary. We do not charge commissions or administrative fees between you and the Companies

If you agree with our terms and criteria so far, we are proceeding with the process of Preparing for Renting a Vacation Property.

Starting Collaboration!

Visit of the property

A visit to the apartment is made to assess its actual condition, the condition of the building in which it is located, the area around it. An action plan is being drafted, a deadline is set for starting the rental of your property.

Inspection of equipment

Fill in all the required Check Lists. In case of lack of equipment they are filled.

Property Photos Preparation

Preparing the apartment for professional shooting. All premises are arranged and prepared. The apartment is prepared in the same way as the Clients will receive it at each visit. Exemptions are allowed only for kitchen and table terraces, which are arranged like an example.

Photo Session and Retouching

Creating and processing professional photos that present your Vacation Property in the best way.

Property rules and web forms

Preparing a Client's Book with instructions for using your appliances and systems in the property. Specific rules and regulations will be mandatory. Preparing of M&G form and Form for accountability of Laundry

Linens and towels

Order professional sheets and towels. We have a bedding standard that we respect in properties we manage without exception

Preparation and signing of a contract

The contract is made by us and is typical for all our Clients. It is signed electronically, with each party receiving one copy

Sets of Keys

Production of keys (2 Client; 1 agency; 1 spare);

Starting all processes

Starting all booking channels and opening an account in our system, through which you can keep track of all incoming bookings.