La Villa d’Este

LA TRADITION ITALIENNE QUI RENCONTRE LA TRADITION NIÇOISE DEPUIS BIENTOT 30 ANS LA VILLA D’ESTE OFFRE À SES CLIENTS SES MEILLEURES PÂTES ET PIZZAS DU SUD DE L’ITALIE. La carte vous propose un grand choix de spécialités italiennes comme les rigatoni de la Villa d’Este, maccheroni della mamma mais aussi des spécialités de la mer […]

The Things You Should Know About Nice

Interesting Facts About Nice The capital of the French Riviera and France’s fifth-largest city, Nice has been a magnet for tourists for centuries. It’s the epitome of sunlit sophistication, from its belle-époque architecture to its seaside promenade. It’s beloved by everyone from Queen Victoria to Elton John but there’s more to the city than supermodel […]

Chez Pipo, a restaurant in Nice specialist of Socca since 1923!

Chez Pipo has been considered by the people of Nice as one of the best socca restaurants in town since its establishment. Generation after generation have enjoyed their socca here, continuing an almost century old tradition. Socca is a chick pea flour based pancake, baked in an oven , which is both soft and crunchy. It should be eaten piping hot with […]