Chez Pipo has been considered by the people of Nice as one of the best socca restaurants in town since its establishment. Generation after generation have enjoyed their socca here, continuing an almost century old tradition.

Socca is a chick pea flour based pancake, baked in an oven , which is both soft and crunchy. It should be eaten piping hot with your fingers with just a touch of pepper!

In Nice, we have the Sea, Sun and Socca! This is the local way of life. Chez Pipo’s fame far exceeds the confines of the city or even the region which is why people from all over the world have been curious to try this traditional dish of Nice.

“Chez Pipo”has been a staple of Nice culture since it began in 1923, retaining every ounce of its authenticity and simplicity to this day. 

“Aqui si mangia la socca” (We eat socca here). For nearly 100 years, locals and travellers alike have tasted the original socca here in Nice, and we are excited to continue sharing this piece of our heritage with the rest of the world.

13 Rue Bavastro, 06000 Nice

Chez Pipo